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Mama Squirrel and I are terrible at keeping up at with popular culture. We had not seen a single episode of Lost until last week when we rented the first two DVDs. We loved the series immediately and ended up buying the first two seasons.

B. E. Scott's Whole Shoulder

The intense drama aside, the show makes us really miss Maui which is a hop, skip, and intra-island flight from Oahu where Lost is filmed. All that good fresh fruit and fish are a sweet memory. We also wonder how John Locke’s whole boar compares to the amazing whole hog from B. E. Scott’s in Lexington TN.

Whole Hog Norway!
Sorta Sister Squirrel and her grandma representin’ teh whole hog in Norway

Forget desert islands with no FedEx service. It’s the European market we care about. Recently, Sorta Sister Squirrel was in Norway where she did her part to spread the word about B. E. Scott’s. SSS brought back other great food photos. Hopefully she will blog about the food on the trip soon.

Kranse Kake
Kranse kake surely deserves a blog entry
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