A Bubba Kind of Day

It’s cold today. Really cold. Tell the dog to hold it cold. It’s not going to be above freezing again until Tuesday.

I know. I shouldn’t complain. We’re not in Minnesota or Wisconsin or anywhere that snow is measured in feet. But this is Memphis, dammit! For us, this is cold.

And so, it’s been a Bubba kind of day. What is a Bubba kind of day you might ask? Or you might not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Bubba is our cat. He’s a very special cat. We rescued him before he was even weaned, and he sucked on our earlobes for a year whenever he was hungry. It was disturbing, but still cute. When we brought him home, it was cold, and he was tiny. So he spent his first week with us wrapped in a scarf around my neck so that he would be warm and feel comforted. It was sweet. We broke him.

He still has affection issues, even after five years. He’s not so much a lap cat as he is a snuggler. He jumps on our bed at night and walks up to our heads, purring all the way. He crawls onto your shoulder so that he can tuck his head under your chin and you can pull the covers over him. There is still the occasional ear sucking until he falls asleep. And he does fall asleep. He will stay there for hours if you let him.

So today, we let him. There’s nothing as tempting as a soft warm bed and snuggling on a cold day. There has been plenty of napping on all parts. It was just that kind of day.

Tomorrow promises to be just like today. It will be very very cold in the morning. There will be no way any of us will want to be in the kitchen any longer than we have to be with the drafts we have in there. So, there is planning. A quick noodle soup in the wok for lunch, some type of comfort food for supper. But we need something nice and warm to start the day, something my mom would have said would stick to your ribs. Nothing fills that bill or tastes as good as hot oatmeal on a cold morning, but it’s not something I want to wake up and cook. So instead, we’re going to cook it tonight. All night. And tomorrow when we wake up, it will be there waiting for us, hot and sweet and comforting. And then we’ll feel warm all day.

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