Another Memphis CSA

Keith and Jill Forrester of Whitton Flowers & Produce are now offering ten-week summer and fall sessions of a CSA. The summer session begins July 12th and runs through September 13th. The fall session begins September 20 and runs through November 22.

The Forresters will offer both full and half shares in their CSA. In addition to their excellent produce, Jill will be offering floral shares as well. With a full or half share of the floral CSA, you can have a beautiful arrangement on the table when you serve those delicious vegetables.

Visit the Forrester’s website to get more information on or an application for the CSA.

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One thought on “Another Memphis CSA

  • July 4, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Hi i am planning to move back to memphis i august (the cordova area) and i was wondering if there is a list of CSAs or some way i can find one that fits my needs, finances, and location. Is anything cool going on at the agricenter. they have a farmers market too dont they? please let me know how to navigate finding information about this! THANKS

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