Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So, yeah, it’s cold out there. And like all good Southerners, we avoid cold like the plague. We live here because we don’t like the cold. Boston, y’all can have all that snow. We’re good down here without it. We’ve spent as much time as possible over the past couple of weeks just snuggled up to the fire. Despite our ingrained urge to rush out and buy bread and milk at the threat of snow, we have remained in our house for the past two weeks.

Consequently, the pantry is running a little low.

We’ve gotten to rice and beans night. We did spice things up a little bit. A can of store brand corn and a can of Ro-tel made our rice something special. And a nob of butter and some Mexican cheese made store brand refried black beans into a treat.

Rice and Beans

The star of the show tonight, though, was our new beverage experiment — cucumber lime Gatorade. Yes, it really does exist.

Cucumber Lime Gatorade

Opening the jug, you get a waft of pure cucumber. The flavor, however, is more heavily toward the lime side of the equation. Overall, it’s a nice balance, and I’d enjoy it on a hot day. Today’s just not a hot day. Paul suggested Jello-ifying it and adding cheap tequila. I don’t love our toilet that much.

Things we have learned in the cold:

Nabs does not like the cold. He refuses to go outside more than once per day for more than five minutes. He’s a house beagle.

Merle likes beans. Apparently, some cats do.

Merle the Bean Eater

Bitsy hibernates under the covers and will bite your toes off in the middle of the night. So that’s fun.

There’s not enough pennies in the jug for us to move to Hawaii. At least we have enough blankets.

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