Bacon is a Vegetable

Bacon is a vegetable
It must be true. It’s on a t-shirt!

Our family loves food. That’s why we started this blog. We wanted to share with folks the good, the bad, and the indifferent that we came across. The blog also is a record for us of our family memories. In the future, Mama Squirrel and I will look back fondly at how enthusiastic Squirrelly, Jr., was about trying new foods. In the future, a sullen, teen-aged Jr. will show his equally sullen friends the blog so that they can exclaim in angsty horror, “dude! They made you eat chicken foot?”

We have other interests outside of food of course. We have our collection of funky art and more books than bookshelves. Jr. and I love video games, but the Playmobils are bought for him to play with, not me. Swear! Mama loves penguins and puppies and frogs and turtles and kitties and pretty much any cute animal that might eat us out of house and home and/or hack our family blog.

Just yesterday, Mama got a great snail mail Christmas card with a penguin on it. The card was from Mike at Webcomics in Print, a great blog about webcomics that find their way into print. After seeing the card, I thought that I should immediately put a link to Mike’s blog on our blog. Then I started to pigeonhole myself. (Man, that sounds so wrong.) Our blog is a food blog. I shouldn’t be linking to webcomics blogs, should I?

Then this morning, Mama saw a challenge on one of our favorite webcomics, Diesel Sweeties by rstevens. The creator of Clango, Indie Rock Pete, Metal Steve and so many other wonderful characters has now created the Secret Satan exchange. Basically, Mr. rstevens wants the world to blog about his webcomic. And in exchange, the three entries he likes the best will receive prizes.

Now free swag is all well and good, but how can a blogger of my strong morals and high ethical standards be justified in selling his soul for a shot at red robot stickers? Yes, the comic is damn funny. We all relate to an alcoholic pornstar and her robot ex-boyfriend. Sure, there are weird and unbelieveable things (Like that guy from Canada, not a damn thing up there but polar bears and poutine and we all know it.) but for the most part, the comic is just a slice of everyday life delivered by a man who puts so much wit and charm into the comic that he doesn’t have strength left to put spaces or capital letters in his own name.

Any ethics I had left (no comments from you, Sorta Sister Squirrel) went out the window when I saw the title of the day’s comic, “Let’s Copyright a Sandwich“. A blogger invite and a food comic, surely it must be fate, especially since this comic comes close on the heels of “Sliced to Reubens“.

Clearly Mr. rstevens has a firm grasp on the full gamut of the food experience, the agony and the ecstasy. Very early on, he brought us the tragic story of Clango’s friend “Mr. Toaster“. Not long after that, he gave us a look at how our food defines us (or is it how we define our food?) in “Cutie Pie“. He reflects on how food plays a part in our moods with “Hot Coffee“. Of course there is the holiday spirit (and spirits in general) in “Booze“.

Mr. rstevens explores foods that may be bad for us like “Sody Pop” and “Energy Drinks“. He also considers the important choices to be made in “Go Vegetarian!“, “Vegan“, and “The Other Red Meat“. Don’t think that the artist is a doomsayer, however. He also appreciates, even revels in, the romance of food in strips like “Hot Dog!” and “Dinner of Doom“.

These things are just a small part of the wisdom the multifaceted Mr. rstevens has to share with us. From food to love to loss, his slice of life webcomic is a sweet slice of pie.

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  • November 30, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    Ive not been to Yia Yia’s but I’ve tried chef Ben Vaughn’s food at River Oaks and I was more than impressed. I eat there about twice a month and although its a bit expensive its worth the culinary trip. We order the chefs menu, normally 65-80 $ per person and with great wine give river oaks a try it wont disappoint

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