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Bigfoot Lodge is one of our absolute favorite places in town. When Sorta Sister Squirrel’s birfday rolled around, we jumped at the opportunity to take her to Bigfoot. Mama Squirrel and I are big on setting up surprises for folks. Bigfoot has tons of pleasant surprises.

We already knew exactly what to order, so we had the server surreptitiously remove the menus from the table so that SSS would have no idea what was coming. For us, the perfect meal at Bigfoot involves three courses, poutine, the Sasquatch, and the Yeti.


Poutine is Quebec’s delicious attempt to atone for Celine Dion. Poutine is a brilliant dish, hand-cut fries with cheese curd all smothered in brown gravy. The creamy fresh cheese curd gets all melty from the heat. The gravy makes it like mashed potatoes you can eat with your hands. And fries, well, fries are just good anytime. There are not enough ways to describe how right this dish is.

Sorta Sister Squirrel savors Sasquatch.

Next, the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch is a cheeseburger. The Sasquatch is a four pound cheeseburger. The Sasquatch is twelve inches in diameter. The Sasquatch is an insanely huge burger that tastes great. Of course there is a challenge involved. If you can eat the entire burger, fixings (including the full-sized pickle on top), and fries in sixty minutes, the burger is free, and you get your picture on their wall of fame.

I always wonder about those deals, the six pound steaks and whatnot. Surely those aren’t all that good. Not so with the Sasquatch, the Sasquatch is one of the best burgers in town. We have never been up to the challenge. We have always had the Sasquatch as a group of four or five. We have still never finished it. Not that we didn’t try.

The Yeti
The Yeti is more like the Himalayas.

Finally, the Yeti. Eighteen scoops of ice cream. Pineapple, strawberry, fudge, fruit loops, rice krispie treats, whipped cream, sprinkles. After doing reasonable damage to her fourth of the burger, SSS devastated the Yeti. The fact that the birfday girl had a special serving spoon to eat with helped, but the main difference is her special dessert stomach. She was in rare form. SSS had never been to Bigfoot, but I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting her back to try the rest of the menu.

Bigfoot Lodge is about more than huge food and Canadian delights. Squirrelly, Jr., loves the deep-fried Cornish hen. Glenna’s meatloaf is good, but a dish we are more likely to just make at home next time. Mama Squirrel and I plan on having the surf and turf the next time we go. We also want the s’mores. Bigfoot’s s’mores are as unique as many of their other other dishes. Essentially a pupu platter of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker goodness lets you have your own campfire fun while you’re warm and dry in downtown Memphis.

Two and a half Acorns
Kooky Canuck, née Bigfoot Lodge
97 S. Second Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
(901) 578-9800

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  • November 22, 2006 at 5:56 pm

    Travelled to northern Quebec 2 years ago eh. Sean’s (Big Foot owner) poutine is very authentic and an oasis for us Canadians in Memphis eh. Be sure to use white vinegar with it if the restaurant has it eh.

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