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A while back, Benito did a piece linking to local blogs that he reads. Since we were one of the blogs, we thought we should return the favor and talk about some of the blogs we like. Most of them are local, but a few are national.

We like Benito’s blog, Benito’s Wine Reviews. We enjoy his wine reviews and his tasting notes, but we especially enjoy his garden and cooking pieces.

Our neighbors, Collin and La, write the first Memphis food blog we found, See Sip Taste Hear. They write about all the things we love, gardening, cooking, eating, and wine. In addition to having a great blog, they’re just great folks. And now, La has a blog, El La Bites, where she posts her thoughts and her incredible photographs. It’s not food-related, but it’s worth checking out.

Of course the blog of blogs is Bigger Than Your Head. The first food writing I ever read was Fredric Koeppel. He has been my hero for more years than I, and probably he, care to count. FK also has his official site, Koeppel on Wine, which is excellent, but I love his sometimes tongue-in-cheek site with its views on wine, travel, and life.

We can’t mention FK without mentioning his coworker Jennifer Biggs, and her blog Whining and Dining. Jennifer is really coming into her own at the Commercial Appeal.

Sometimes I wonder about my part of town. We love our wine. Midtown Stomp is a fun to read wine blog. And Lindsey shares her wine adventures in Wineography. Lindsey also writes the excellent blog, Theology and Geometry. Again, not wine related, but worth a visit. She’s sure to write about her valve eventually.

I spend too much time on the couch, but I can spend part of that time getting therapy thanks to Macrae and her blog, Edible Therapy. Best of all, my therapy includes barbecue and watermelon margaritas among other things.

Dr. Hoo at his blog and Skeeter at The Mempho Wino both do Memphis restaurant reviews. The each have their quiet times, but they are worth looking at to check out their different takes on dining.

The most interesting take on dining comes from Stacey and her guest bloggers at Dining With Monkeys. Sure, it’s nice to reflect on how distinct flavors blend in a dish, but it’s really fun to read how you make sure everyone gets a sippy cup and how you keep attention focussed on dinner when play land is only feet away. Stacey and her husband, Warren, also write about their gourmet cooking on Chop Fayn. Chop Fayn is a big source of jealousy for us.

It doesn’t always come across from an ol’ boy out looking for fried chicken, but Mama and I are big time liberals. We are trying to make more of a difference every day. Our fellow Slow Food Memphis member Mitch is blogging about his family’s efforts to be More Deliberate Every Day. Mitch is having a wonderful time learning about the joys of gardening. He also provides a thought-provoking and inspiring look at food along with being a good source of food news.

One national blog that also gives us food for thought (You knew I was gonna say it.) is The Ethicurean: Chew The Right Thing. The Ethicurean is a daily collection of food news and links. Sometimes the links are quite funny. Sometimes the news is quite disturbing. The blog is always fascinating.

When it comes to disturbing in the good sense, we adore Suicide Food. “What is Suicide Food? Suicide Food is any depiction of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed. Suicide Food actively participates in or celebrates its own demise. … Suicide Food is not funny.” I can’t help it though. The writing is so great. And darn my hide if the blog doesn’t usually leave me wanting a ham sammich.

Finally, the first food blog we ever found is still our favorite. When Mama and I were planning our trip to San Francisco, we discovered Sam’s Becks and Posh. The information Sam had posted helped us find some great places to go. An exchange of emails with Sam got us a new friend and an idea of what to expect in the area. I must confess that everything I know about blogging I stole from Sam. I constantly aspire to the charm and sense of fun she exudes.

A big hello and thanks to Sam and to all of our blog friends.

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