Bryan Schmidt, DDS, to the rescue

I don’t shill things I don’t believe in. I don’t shill much of anything really. We write about our restaurant experiences, good or bad, because you might think about wandering into a place. We write about books that we read and love. You may or may not be as crazy about food books we are. Either way, you’ll know when we like the book.

I also try to stick to food-related things to talk about. You’re not likely to find tips for tuning your car or replacing a missing shingle here. So how on earth did I end up talking about my dentist?

Actually, I didn’t have a dentist until last Friday. I was enjoying a bowl of honey-sweetened organic raisin bran, when I broke a tooth. Now I could have that fixed, or I could be on my way to becoming the world’s foremost expert on flan and bisque. As much as I love flan and bisque, I’d rather not give up on sinking my teeth into a nice, juicy steak, so I set out to find a dentist.

After spending the morning calling offices only to find them either closed or staffed with people who didn’t make my business seem welcome, I came across Bryan Schmidt, DDS. Bryan’s receptionist was bright and sunny. She told me to hustle on down, and they would take care of me. Since Mama Squirrel and I carpool, she and I left work out Collierville way and headed downtown.

I won’t go into details, but man, dentistry these days is like Star Trek. Well, a few details. First of all, my least favorite part of dental work is that initial shot to numb the pain. Man, that hurts. It doesn’t any more. The dentist finds the right spot, then a computer automatically doses you. After cleaning up what was left of my tooth, Bryan took digital images of the tooth. His CAD/CAM system then mapped the exact shape of the crown/filling hybrid that I would need. After 15 minutes in an automated mill, my tooth replacement was ready to go. Yeah, sure, that was a lot of details, but for a high tech nerd like me, being at the dentist was suddenly fun.

While I was in the back, Mama and Squirrelly, Jr., (who had been picked up from math camp) asked about appointments for checkups. Bryan told them he could make time for them that day. I believe the time he made was something most folks call lunch, but he didn’t seem to mind too much.

After a painless checkup and cleaning, and a short tour of some of the high tech toys, Teh Boy came out ready for his next appointment. His only complaint? In all things a foodie, Teh Boy didn’t like the grape-flavored fluoride paste. He’s going to try orange next time.

Bryan Schmidt, DDS
440 N Front St
Suite 103
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 523-8614

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