But I’m Hungry Now

Today we cooked. We made supper that we’ll talk more about tomorrow, but when we started making supper, someone was hungry.

“Mom, how long til dinner’s ready?”
“About 2 hours.”
“2 hours!? But I’m hungry now!”
“Snack on some peanuts. You don’t want to be too full for supper.”
“Peanuts won’t be enough. I’m really hungry.”
“If you eat more than peanuts, you won’t be hungry when the food’s ready.”
“Can I make garlic butter pasta?”
“You won’t be hungry if you eat that.”
“But I’m hungry. Would it be ok if I make the pasta?”
“Fine. But you still need to eat dinner when it’s ready. Here, just use this penne.”
“Can you stay and help me make it?”
“I thought you were making it.”
“But I like how you make it.”

And so, I talked him through making it. And he did eat almost 3 servings of it. And then he ate lots of supper. Just kind of scary if you ask me.


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