McBomination 2: The Stackening

So here we are at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. We have been to fascinating classes, met brilliant chefs, and stuffed our faces at the tasting tents. After a long day, we decided to head back to the hotel to rest up for the last day of the festival and get some writing done. On the way, we saw a sign that spoke to the dark side of our culinary souls: “Hotcakes and McNuggets available all day.” Had McDonalds made an entry into our beloved world of chicken and waffles?

We were hot after our time in the tasting tents, so a stop for sweet tea and clarification was in order. It turns out that, no, they aren’t sold together. Still, unlike Memphis, they’re sold at the same time, so an enterprising soul could do something completely contrary to the day of fine dining they just experienced.

Honestly, though, the plan was to head to Pollo Campero, the excellent Latin American fried chicken place that we don’t get to visit often. Unfortunately, write then go get chicken turned to write, nap, then wake up five minutes after the place closes. Maybe that was a sign. We certainly took it that way.

McBomination 2: The Stackening

McBomination 2: The Stackening


  • 10-piece McNuggets
  • Order Hotcakes
  • Extra syrup (optional)


  1. Live in a city where McDonalds Hotcakes are available all day.
  2. Stack the Hotcakes.
  3. Arrange the McNuggets artistically atop the Hotcakes.
  4. Pour syrup over your ziggurat of goodness.
  5. Alternative approach:
  6. Open the Hotcakes.
  7. Open the McNuggets.
  8. Open the syrup.
  9. Alternate bites of Hotcakes and McNuggets, dipping each in syrup.

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