Central Barbecue

Thanks to Lindsey, the blogger, and her brother, the poet, we found ourselves facing several inches of snow and a severe craving for barbecue nachos from Central Barbecue.

Fortunately the streets, if not our car, were clear. After several minutes sitting in the car waiting on the defrosters to loosen the snow enough for the wipers to clear the windshield, we were able to head out. (The scraper that we just bought was nowhere to be found.)

Because of the both the quality and the variety of the offerings, Central Barbecue is our favorite barbecue joint. We frequently pick up dinner on our way home from work. Central has been on my speed dial for several years now.

For us, the menu offers several highlights. Every meal includes the rich mac and cheese. Almost every meal includes the homemade potato chips with their dusting of dry rub and accompanying bleu cheese dressing. We love the smoked hot wings with the dry rub.

When it comes to their barbecue, they do pork, chicken, beef, and turkey. And they do it all well. Of course we love pork, but it’s nice to get good beef barbecue sometimes.

What we really find outstanding is their sauces, particularly their hot sauce and their mustard-based sauce. The mustard-based sauce provides a nice tang. The hot sauce brings moderate heat and an interesting fruity undertone that reminds me of olives.

Like everything else, the barbecue nachos at Central were excellent. The best part, though, was what Angela did with the leftovers the next day. Tune in tomorrow for that story. And in the mean time, swing by Central. In a serious barbecue town, it’s hard to do much better.

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