Christmas with The Squirrels ’07

For us, this was a high pressure Christmas dinner. In addition to my mom, J Squirrel, and my in-laws, Nana Squirrel and Granddaddy Squirrel, we were joined by The Viking and The Honeybee. Of course we like to create a great meal for the family, but now we were elevating our audience. After all, Viking and Honeybee cooked at The Beard Foundation.

We needn’t have worried. Our meal turned out to be as fantastic as our company. Of course the fact that our company brought some key parts didn’t hurt. So here’s our menu.

Quail egg and venison sausage Scotch egg amuse-bouche

Fennel soup with chorizo

Salmon croquette with mâche salad

Smoked goose (courtesy of Granddaddy Squirrel) with Martha Foose’s hot fruit and individual sweet potato casseroles

Individual beef Wellingtons with homemade country paté (courtesy of The Viking) with green beans and roasted purple potatoes

Bucheron and Huntsman cheeses with raspberries and toasted almonds

Individual lemon icebox custard thingys, cane syrup ginger cookies a la Martha Foose, chess pie (courtesy of The Viking), pralines (courtesy of The Viking)

Clearly we were on an individual serving kick that even rubbed off on The Viking and his Wellingtons. We’re also on a Martha Foose kick. Martha’s upcoming book, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: Recipes and Tales from a Southern Cook. It’s an excellent new book, and it will be out in April. More about that later.

Happy New Year from The Squirrels! (From The Turtles for our one special friend.)

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2 thoughts on “Christmas with The Squirrels ’07

  • December 28, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    Sounds absolutely fabulous you guys. Hope you had a great holiday.

  • January 2, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    now that’s what i’m talkin about!

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