Cookies for Cody

Cookies for Cody

Angela and I and our son Patric have each been fortunate to have been healthy as children. Other children are not so fortunate. Some children bear a burden that I as an adult can’t begin to imagine dealing with.

Recently, a friend told us about a young man who should be living the joyful life of a four-year-old, but who instead is fighting neuroblastoma. Cody spent six months in remission, but now sadly, his cancer is back. In addition to sending our thoughts and prayers, Cody’s aunt Stephanie Weaver gave her writing and cooking friends a chance to help out. And you have a chance to help as well.

Stephanie is holding an online auction called Cookies for Cody to raise money to help her nephew. In the face of something as terrible and pervasive as cancer, it feels good to make a difference. It helps to know that we can do something for a child, for his family.

Angela and I are honored to be donating a personalized copy of The World in a Skillet. Other authors are also donating books to the auction. Even better, Stephanie’s baker friends are stepping up to provide the “cookies” part of Cookies for Cody. You have a chance to bid on cookies and other baked goods from some of the finest bakers around. The auction runs from July 27 to August 5. Please go check it out. Get yourself a sweet treat and do something good for a sweet little boy.

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