Desposito’s Seafood Restaurant, Savannah, Georgia

Almost everyone wants to sample the local flavor when they’re in a different city. Some cities can be absolutely overwhelming in the wealth of unique choices available to eaters both timid and adventurous. Savannah is most assuredly one of those cities.

There are plentiful choices available for any taste or budget. The historic downtown alone provides enough dining options to tempt most tourists into never venturing away from the picturesque cobbled streets and antebellum homes. So why leave downtown? Desposito’s.

First things first: plan before you go. Get directions. Print a map. Be hungry.

Desposito’s is a classic coastal crabshack. Located just across the Wilmington River on the Isle of Armstrong, down a tiny side road where the only sign is an arrow to mark your turn, it’s easy to get lost even with directions and a map. Don’t be disheartened, though, Desposito’s is worth finding, and the location really couldn’t be better.

You see, Desposito’s buys all of its shrimp from an independent local shrimper who docks his boats literally steps from the restaurant. There’s a lot of advertising out there about wild American shrimp. Eating fresh Georgia shrimp at Desposito’s is really all the advertisement you’ll need. Like the bumper sticker on the bar says, “Friends don’t let friends eat imported shrimp.”

Like I said, Desposito’s is a crabshack. It’s primarily a local spot, but you won’t feel out of place at all for being a tourist. The tables are covered in newspaper, and you can expect to get a little messy while you enjoy their fare. This is food you have to work to get to in every sense. But it’s so worth every effort.

The menu is simple, but delicious. You can get crab legs, boiled shrimp, steamed oysters, or blue crabs in season. They also serve some of the best shrimp salad I’ve ever eaten. Try your shrimp as part of a low country basket. You’ll get a half pound of shrimp with sausage, potatoes and buttery corn on the cob. And don’t ignore the cocktail sauce. David makes it from scratch, and it’s more of a hot sauce instead of just being ketchup doctored up with horseradish. While the shrimp salad sandwich is great all on its own, it turns into something divine when you dip it in the cocktail sauce.

Still hungry? Good. The key lime pie is absolutely perfect. It’s a tangy, rich custard in a sweet graham cracker crumb crust. No whipped cream to tone it down and no green dye at all.

Desposito’s is one of those places that would be all too easy for a tourist to miss. Don’t let that happen to you. Make the effort. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. And tell them those crazy Memphis people with the camera sent you. I promise, they’ll feed you anyway.

Desposito’s Seafood Restaurant
1 Macceo Dr
Savannah, GA 31410
(912) 897-9963

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