Elfo’s game dinner


Meat pies

Smoked salmon deviled eggs

Trout dip with homemade potato chips

Catfish nuggets

Bacon wrapped duck poppers with jalapeno and cream cheese

Champagne and pinot grigio


Beef stew
Rosado (Sorry I didn’t get wineries or vintages.)

Elk carpaccio salad
Pinot grigio

Wild boar ravioli
Cabernet sauvignon

Prickly pear and pineapple sorbet

Smoked stuffed pheasant with plum and blueberry sauce on a bed of succotash

Chocolate creme brulee

We were very excited about Elfo’s game dinner. We are expanding the types of meat we cook at home, and we saw this as a chance to pick up some tips.

The evening started well as appetizers and wine circled the restaurant. I particularly liked the deviled eggs. We all loved the trout dip and chips. We had fun sipping our champagne and wondering what tray would arrive next.

Dinner got off to a rough start. Our game dinner began with beef stew. After the entire table heavily salted their stew, everyone agree that it was still terribly bland.

Fortunately things picked up from there. The elk carpaccio was good, but a bit oily. The wild boar ravioli was very good, but it wasn’t what we had hoped for as far as a challenging new presentation.

The sorbet was the highlight of the evening. It was delicious and we liked the use of the watermelon for presentation. We could steal that idea and present it as a wrapped present with bow or as a pot with flower.

The pheasant was good. The combination of sour plums and sweet blueberries to make a balanced sauce was nice. The succotash was a nice bed for the poultry.

The creme brulee was very nice. The chocolate was rich and dark and not overly sweet. The only disappointment was the the brulee. The sugar had re-softened and didn’t give that satisfying first bite crunch.

Dinner overall was fairly good. Our dining companions were fantastic. We were seated with two professors of European history who are intrepid travelers and eaters. They were a beautiful, sweet, and romantic couple even after over 35 years of marriage. Hopefully dining with them will encourage Mama Squirrel to keep me around a bit longer.

Elfo’s Restaurant
3092 Poplar Ave # 11
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 888-0402

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 – 2

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