Farewell, cruel world

Apparently my own death is imminent.

Today, after lunch, I dropped Angela off at her building and started driving up the hill to my building. As I was on my way, I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye. There, next to the walking trail that runs alongside the road, resting in the shade of one of the trees, was a buzzard.

This was such an odd occurrence that I craned my neck and looked at him closely as I drove by. I reflected that the campus where I work is still surrounded by wooded areas. Indeed, parts of the campus itself are woods where the walking trail drops out of sight of the buildings for a while. There is a lake with fish and turtles. Every year, a pair of geese nests near Angela’s building and raises their young. When we first moved into the buildings, the nearby fields were infested with mice, and at times, so too were the buildings. I have snakes and rabbits in my little IT nature preserve, so, while a buzzard is a bit more unusual, I don’t suppose I should be surprised.

I also reflected that as I looked back at the buzzard, the car was beginning to drift toward the center of the road. I don’t want to over dramatize this part. There was certainly no collision — no near miss even. I simply turned my head forward, straightened the car, and observed the vehicle coming toward me.

The hearse coming toward me.

The hearse.

In my idyllic little IT paradise, with a bird of death just over my shoulder, a hearse was coming toward me.

You needn’t check the news. There was no tragedy today. This was a very ragged green hearse that is now a private vehicle. Still, it was an unnerving confluence of events. Had a raven flown over cawing, “nevermore!”, I am sure my heart would have stopped on the spot.

Since I survived the day, I suppose that I have no choice but to return tomorrow to my IT pastoral. But I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the Grim.

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