Farmers Market find of the week: Fluffy

We have a pretty set routine for going to the Memphis Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Get up early, but never as early as we intended. Park at the south end of the market. Start our market trip with a quick chat with Mike Lenagar of Neola Farms. Make a loop of the market, buying goodies and talking to our friends. Wrap things up with a longer chat with Mike, then head home.

This week, Paul Williams of Jones Orchard threw off our routine just a bit, but more than enough to really shake things up.

Paul generously brought a basket of peaches and several cartons of strawberries to our Slow Food Memphis meeting at Cafe Eclectic. We wanted to return the basket and cartons to him for reuse, so we parked at the north end of the market to be closer to the Jones stall. And that is when I made my first mistake.

As we walked to the market, we couldn’t help noticing that the folks from Save 1 Pet had puppies and kitties at the market for adoption. We managed to scoot on by and into the market.

We got most of our goodies and took them to the car. All that was left to do was to take the containers to Paul and buy some short ribs from Michael then we could go home. Walking by the puppies with an armload of strawberry containers, I made my second mistake. I looked at Mama Squirrel and asked, “do you want to play with the puppies while I finish up?”

Of course she said yes.

I dropped off the containers and headed down to see Mike. Halfway there, I ran into Kelly English of Restaurant Iris. I spent some time distracting him from his shopping while I heaped him with well-deserved praise. That took so long that Mama actually had time to play with all the puppies and come looking for me.

We went together to see Mike, then on the way back to the car, she began to tell me about a puppy. She showed me the puppy she liked, and I picked it up. “That’s when I knew I had made my third mistake. Three strikes right across the plate,” to quote the poet.

Before I knew what hit me, Mama was filling out adoption papers. This morning, we drove to Olive Branch to pick up our new baby.

Fluffy is a big fluff ball with the markings of a rottweiler and the spotted tongue of a chow. He has the most gentle disposition of any puppy I have ever seen.

Actually, he has the perfect Squirrel Squad disposition. He is reasonably bright and exceptionally lazy. As soon as we brought him in the house, we set him down to meet the cats. He promptly decided that the cats were eminently ignorable and went to lie down on the nearest air conditioning vent. With a cool belly, he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I can’t say thanks enough to Cindy and the other wonderful people at Save 1 Pet for helping us find the latest addition to our family. I urge everyone to visit their website to learn more about them. Find out where they will be visiting so you can go by and see if they have the perfect new friend for you. And make a donation while you’re there. Or donate on their website. Thanks!

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