Farmers Market: The October revolution continues

Fall Grilling

While we were at the next-to-last downtown farmers market we picked up a nice sirloin tip roast from Neola Farms. On the veggie side, we got green tomatoes and fingerling white turnips.

I thought it would also be nice to pick up a package of dry rub from Get Your Rub On for my father in law, Grandaddy Squirrel, who is the master griller. However, his loving daughter, Mama Squirrel, decided that she could put the rub to good use, so the thoughtful gift went into our dinner instead. Fortunately we were able to get another package for GS at the last market.

We took the roast and rubbed in a generous portion of the rub and gave it a night in the fridge. The next day, we didn’t go out to the grill, but we did fire up the grill pan. The roast got four minutes per side in the hot grill pan before going into a 425 oven for thirty minutes. While the roast was in the oven, we fried up our green tomatoes. Dredged in corn meal, salt, and pepper and fried in Crisco in a cast iron skillet is the only way. While the roast was resting, the cubed turnips went into a skillet with butter, salt, and pepper. When the turnips were lightly browned, we dug in.

Yes, we were snug in the house, but we had a nice springtime grill regardless. The fried green tomatoes were disappointing. They just didn’t have the balance of sweetness and tartness that they do in Spring. Instead, they had the sort of hollow flavor that Winter tomatoes have. The turnips came through though, sweet and slightly tart. As with all our Neola Farms purchases, the roast was the star, perfectly medium rare with a hint of spice from the rub.

If October at the market makes Spring so nice, what does the real Spring have in store?

November at Cafe Francisco is off to a great start. On the first Saturday in November, we visited to find Michael from Neola farms with his wonderful beef. We also saw Wacky Arugula guy, hereinafter called by his polite society name, Peter the arugula guy. Peter had one of his ornamental breeds of chickens along for the ride. Squirrelly, Jr., now wants a chicken. After seeing pictures of Peter’s beautiful farm, making Teh Boy into more of a farm boy might not be such a bad thing.

Breakfast at Cafe Francisco was nice. We’ll blog about that soon.

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