Food of the, well, dogs

Well, the budget is in effect. We’re being good. We even made a trip to Costco without coming home with a DVD or the SnapWare set that I really liked a lot.

We were good yesterday, too. Sort of. Paul ate leftover red beans and rice. I ate peanut butter. On a spoon. The way God intended. Shut up.

We ate lunch today at Abyssinia. It was planned, and we went there for more than just really good food. We needed a picture for the book. We didn’t get to take the picture, but it’s a good place to get a very nice lunch, and now we have a reason to budget going there again. The buffet with the wonderful potatoes and lentils and greens and chicken along with that incredible Ethiopian coffee was less than $20 for the two of us. Not as cheap as fast food, but so much better in every way.

But we also had to make the trip to Petco. Dog food should be a fairly cheap thing, right? I remember my parents getting Alpo for our dog when I was growing up, and it wasn’t a large purchase even though I don’t want to think about what goes in that.

But not our dog. Oh no. He’s special. 100lbs of special. He can eat one brand of food without getting sick. Just one brand. And it sure isn’t Alpo. There is a lot of room between Alpo and the really high end stuff. A $20 bag of food isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not so bad either. But sweet little Fluffy with his special sensitive tummy has to have the $50 bag of Royal Canin. Seriously. $50 for a bag of dog food.

The bad thing is, it’s worth it. We’ve tried other food for him. It wasn’t pleasant for any of us. We’re not talking the typical foul dog gas that just happens sometimes. This is stench on a whole other level. And it doesn’t just stop at gas, but we won’t talk about that.

Of course, all of our animals are special-needs–two adopted dogs (luckily only one has special princess tummy) and six free cats. A cat is never free. Let’s just say that and get it over with. Aside from the vet visit to make sure everything is ok and the removal of certain anatomical parts, ours are all boys. And boy cats tend to get crystals and at least one of ours got them. And we don’t want to risk any of the others getting sick. So, there’s another $50 bag of food.

All of that adds up to meaning that with our new budget, the pet food is half as much as we’re allowed to spend on our groceries. Ouch. But we love each and every one of them – from Princess Fluffy to Were-you-eating-that? Dora, from Grumpy Cat who really will smack you to Mr. Van Snuggles, from B.L.zeBubba who lives up to the name to Peng the Merciless who is just that, from Fuzzy Nicholas to the ever elusive Sexxy Cat. We wouldn’t get rid of any of them. We’re just gullible that way.

Oh well. Peanut butter, anyone?

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