Game food, part two

We’re dumb.

I despise the commercials for Sonic. I think they are some of the most inane ads ever. Apparently they work though. After massive exposure while watching college basketball last weekend, we found ourselves craving chili cheese tots today.

We haven’t had fast food in a long time, so we felt like we wouldn’t be doing too bad too indulge just this once. We picked up our dinner and headed home to watch the University of Memphis Tigers play.

Big mistake. (Not watching the game. Tigers for the win!)

My entire digestive system is in revolt. My arteries want to know what was wrong with those perfectly lovely fresh ingredients that were waiting in the fridge for tonight’s home-cooked dinner. Why all the grease and high fructose corn syrup and Escoffier only knows what in the “cheese”?

What really hurts though is my hypocrisy. What I should have thought about was the source of my food. I know that pork and that beef wasn’t raised right. Why should I expect to feel good after eating it?

If we’re wise, we learn from our mistakes. I hope I have learned from this mistake.

Elfo's game dinner
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