Greetings to our friend from Slow Food County Clare, Ireland

Our fellow Slow Food member Joe Doyle from Slow Food IrelandCounty Clare, is in Memphis where he was the Irish Grand Marshall of the 35th annual St. Patrick’s parade on Beale Street.

Unfortunately, we were in New Orleans this weekend and were unable to join the festivities. Joe is busy while he is in town, so we won’t get much of a chance to talk about our shared passion for good, clean, and fair food.

Fortunately, Joe is busy because he is being hosted by Silky O’Sullivan himself. Joe isn’t getting much rest, but at least he is getting the best hospitality Memphis has to offer.

Best of all, we have an exciting new contact in the world of Slow Food. We may not be inviting our new friends to drop by for barbecue, but we look forward to an exchange of ideas. And recipes.

Best wishes, Joe.

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