Guys’ night

Poor Mama Squirrel had to work one of her thirteen-hour days, so Squirrelly, Jr., and I were left to our own devices for an evening. I suppose we could have gone to Hooters. For the wings, of course, not for the…. Well, anyway, we decided to just go home and see what we could find there.

We were both lazy, so the obvious choice was Costco salad. Teh Boy loves a good salad. Baby spinach is his favorite. He doesn’t care for arugula or the purple stuff, but if it’s nice, mild mixed greens with a larger-than-some quantity of dressing, he is all about it.

We had picked up a nice big bag that included all the extras, dried cranberries, almond pieces, feta cheese, and dressing. As I was rinsing the greens, Teh Boy asked, “is it that the good blue cheese dressing?”

“No, we’ve got feta cheese with it, so we wouldn’t want blue cheese dressing.”

He picks up the little package of dressing and his face lights up. “Good, it’s balsamic. I love this stuff.” My twelve-year-old not only knows and appreciates what balsamic vinegar is, but he loves it on a big bowl of green stuff. We either are doing something right or something terribly wrong.

Now before you go reporting me to child protective services, you should know that he also had a small bag of chips while I corrupted him with a movie. And he got a small strawberry malt when we went to pick up Mama at work. Having milkshakes and Mama back was a sweet end to guys night.

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