Happy 100

Nothing has been more paralyzing to me as a blogger than the question, “what should we blog for our one-hundredth entry?” Well, ok, having the entire squad come down with flu-like symptoms was not exactly conducive to blogging either. Still, the desire to come up with something significant to mark the milestone has had me in a quandary. Mama Squirrel and I came up with several good ideas, but by the time we did the research or the cooking or the dining, our special number one hundred blog entry would either actually be number one-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-seven or it would appear some time in 2009.

Instead of struggling to make this entry special, Mama and I decided to make it a list of some of the cool (We think.) ideas that will make for good blog fodder in the future.

The Lamarimige
We drive down Lamar Ave. everyday on our way to and from work, and there are a lot of interesting dining options that we see there. We have already had wonderful Mexican food at Taco Loco. Soon we’re going to have to hit the rest of the places on the way down Lamar. There will be a stop at Captain Bishop’s for some soul food, the Fish Net for some catfish, Tops for some BBQ, Lucille’s for hot tamales, the Citgo station that beckons with a “Chicken Baby” sign, and a host of others for hot wings and more. There are some very “interesting” looking places, but it’s all for the blog, so we have to.

Cook the entire contents of a cookbook
The Julie and Julia project was a tremendous success. Mama absolutely loved the book, and Julie is introducing “peaness” to the world. Now Diner Girl is taking on Thomas Keller‘s French Laundry Cookbook. Of course we can’t do an entire cookbook in a single post, but kicking off such a project would have been a good hundredth entry. Oh well. We’ll definitely start looking for the right book for us.

Hot fudge pie taste-off
Westys (nee The North End) is undoubtedly the world capital of hot fudge pie. Still, there are other great pies out there. Harry’s Detour, for one, has a walnut brownie that is a fudgie delight. Are we willing to make the sacrifice? Are we willing to search high and low for fudge pie? Are we willing to put our pant-size on the line for our readers? You bet we are.

Tamale Trail
Thanks to the Southern Foodways Alliance (Have I mentioned that I love these guys?) we don’t have to do the searching for tamales in the Mississippi Delta. The Tamale Trail is a documentary project of the SFA that records both the history and the current state of tamales in the Delta. From Lucille’s on Lamar to friends who make tamales at home and share them, we love tamales. We are just north of the Delta and an incredible collection of tamale places. How can we not make every effort to visit them all?

Steingarten for a day
Mama already makes excellent fried chicken with no recipe at all. I have no complaints whatsoever. Mama, however, wants to take the Jeffrey Steingarten approach to her fried chicken. Jeffrey occasionally goes to remarkable lengths to determine the best way to cook an item. I can already hear the gears grinding in Mama’s head. We already have three different pans and two different oils that are perfect for fried chicken. There is no telling what else she has in mind for this one.

So as you see, we have plans if we can ever get well again. And since we didn’t want to alienate our readers, you don’t get Mama’s idea of Squirrelly, Jr., “Beer Run” karaoke. But if you’re needing some of that, here’s Sam of Beck’s & Posh sharing a little something special with the world.

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2 thoughts on “Happy 100

  • February 21, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    sauces’ chocolate explosion is very hot fudge pie like.

  • March 2, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Hi, Stacey! Thanks for the tip. We walked by Sauces after Spamalot. It looked promising. We have to go now.

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