Hopefully it will be something I can gum


So I just got this postcard in the mail. Now most of you will probably get it right away, but for me, it was the fine(r) print — the free lunch — that caught my eye. The next thing I looked at was what this free lunch was going to cost me. Bummer, they want me to rent an apartment. Mama Squirrel and I are very happy in our wonderful Victorian. One day the kitchen remodel will be finished, and things will be even better.

Oh well. No free lunch for me. So what is this place anyway? Huh? What? Wesley Highland Terrace? Oh no they didn’t. Yeah. Yeah they did. Wesley Highland Terrace is — Tony Soprano voices everyone — a retirement community.

Now I am approaching my second 39th birthday. I have no problems with that. Well, ok, sorta… But look, sure, I’m not the young stallion anymore. I can live with being put-out-to-stud age. It’s glue factory age that I’m not ready for. Or am I? I hope not.

I’m gonna need a good lunch tomorrow to help me get over this. Preferrably a free one.

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Squirrels in paradise

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