How the mighty have fallen

It is amazing how quickly and completely everyday life can interfere with one’s writerly aspirations. I didn’t realize how far off track we were until, after a long day of running errands, we found ourselves out late eating at Olive Garden. When you suddenly realize that you’re not only having the never-ending bowl of pasta but actually enjoying it, something’s wrong.

We haven’t completely lost it and gone the way of the bland chain restaurant, though. We have been going to the farmers market, both downtown and at the Agricenter. We have cooked most of our meals at home, and they have been interesting and tasty.

Now that we are back on track, we have some interesting items coming up. Mama Squirrel’s heirloom apple pie with white cheddar crust, plum wine braised short ribs, and fig stuffed pork loin with balsamic drizzle to name a few. Our latest invention is the three-day chicken. We’ll post the Mexican three-day chicken soon, followed later by the Greek three-day chicken.

We have also dined at some really good places. Great Mexican breakfast at the Complex downtown, the best Pakistani food on this side of the Atlantic at Shahi House, and Hawaiian barbecue that we didn’t have to swim for. We’ll tell you about all of those.

Best of all, though, we will be beginning a culinary pilgrimage down that greatest of Memphis streets, Lamar Avenue. We will share tales of authentic Mexican, tamales and pork chops from a food stand, soul food, live catfish, and more.

Mama will be spreading her squirrel wings (Don’t ask. I’m not sure I understand it either.) with a review of a new cookbook by the Lee brothers. Matt and Ted Lee are the kings of boiled peanuts. They bring Southern culture to Yankees with their writing in the New York Tmes. Now they’re bringing their stories and recipes to everyone.

It’s good to be back. My mouth is watering thinking about all the great stuff we have coming up.

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