I have no son

A conversation between Squirrelly, Jr., and Mama Squirrel.

Teh Boy: Guess what I had at lunch at school?

Mama: What?

Teh Boy: Squirrel.

Mama: Really?

Teh Boy: Yep. My friend’s dad shot a bunch of squirrels, so my friend brought some to lunch.

Mama: How was it?

Teh Boy: It was good.

I have no son.

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One thought on “I have no son

  • December 30, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    Oddly enough, my first taste of squirrel was in the public school system. We had a foreign language club in 8th grade, and for a party we each had to bring a dish from a foreign land, something related to our ancestry. While the Korean, Indian and Thai kids brought some awesome stuff, there were a bunch of us British-derived mutts with a less than exciting culinary tradition. (I brought shepherd’s pie.)

    One girl in the class brought a (not technically) Canadian dish, Brunswick stew. It contained the remnants of several squirrels. I seem to recall it being earthy and stringy, and not the kind of thing I expect to see on restaurant menus anytime soon.

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