I have to stop this

Last night Mama and I had a lovely dinner. We went to Southern Crow Grille for the first time. The space was nice. The only drawback was that I was facing the setting sun. Mama was just a silhouette. We could have asked to move, but it wasn’t too bad. The food was good enough for us to plan on going back again to do a more thorough review.

Our dinner started with an appetizer of bacon-wrapped shrimp and asparagus. Next was a nice salad with what seemed to be homemade bleu cheese dressing. For dessert we had warm slices of bread spread with honey butter. All in all, it was a very satisfying meal.

So what was the problem? The problem was that after we finished this nice meal, the main course arrived. The perfect light supper that we had was just the beginning.

I’m not kidding myself. Bacon-wrapped shrimp and bleu cheese dressing aren’t exactly lo-cal, low fat items, but they would have made a decent dinner nonetheless. Had we stopped there, we would have been just fine. In our defense, we each ate only half of our main course. We brought the rest home for lunches the next day. Still, had we stopped, we would have been just fine.

The problem is in our thinking. Our routine, our bad habit, is to order an appetizer, salads, main courses, and on some occasions, dessert. Our reality is that we just don’t need that much food. The answer of course is self discipline. I don’t ever intend to give up rich, fatty foods. I just need to control how many courses (and helpings) I go through.

I am setting a goal for myself. By the time we go to Slow Food Nation I want to lose 40 pounds. That’s 45 weeks or so to lose 40 pounds. I think I can do it with some sane and sensible changes. Now to decide what those changes should be. And to stick to them.

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