I read the news today, oh boy

Our good friend Deliberately at More Deliberate Every Day is the toast of the town and, indeed, the entire foodie world. The Squad has long admired and respected the passion with which he expresses his beliefs and the energy he puts into covering news that is important to anyone who eats. His excellent work has now been mentioned in the Washington Post as an example of an important site on the web for people looking for food information. (I’m honestly not sure about the Post though. In the same edition, they have a story titled It All Started With a Squirrel looking at the resurgence of game in the American diet.)

The Post article requires registration to read, but it’s worth checking out. And after you read it, head to More Deliberate Every Day. If you’re not already reading it, you’ll soon be checking it every day. Hopefully you’ll be making your own efforts to be more deliberate every day.

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