Ice cream throwdown

In what was sure to be a battle for the ages, Squirrelly, Jr., challenged the Viking to an ice cream throwdown. Or maybe it was the Viking who challenged Teh Boy. Not that it matters.

What matters is that the Viking is a writer, educator, and professional chef who has cooked at the Beard House. And Teh Boy is thirteen. Precocious enough to have made ice cream completely unsupervised, but still thirteen.

Our good friend and fellow blogger, Deliberately, provided the arena for the battle when he and his lovely family invited us to their home for a potluck. Mama Squirrel and I brought tamales. Teh Boy brought three flavors of ice cream — peach-ginger, ancho buttermilk, and Abita Purple Haze raspberry. The Viking countered with two — chocolate and coconut-peanut.

I am very proud of Teh Boy, but I can still be a reasonably objective observer. I think Teh Boy’s ice creams were excellent. His peach-ginger was the best. The biggest difference I noticed was that Teh Boy’s had larger ice crystals. The Viking’s were amazing. The chocolate was my favorite. It was a deep, rich cocoa chocolate with bits of candied orange peel.

The Viking is a chef, and an excellent one at that. That he made a perfectly smooth and delicious pair of ice creams was no surprise. But there was a surprise.

Let’s preface this with some back story. Two years ago, the Viking and his better half, the Honeybee, came to Memphis in May to experience the barbecue contest. To simplify a bit, they looked at each other and said, “we should move here.”

Just over a year ago, they moved here. During Memphis in May. Barbecue.

Now, the surprise. Our meat-loving chef friend made vegan ice cream. I didn’t have the chance to ask him for details. I do know that his chocolate was soy milk based, and his coconut-peanut was made with coconut milk.

If the Viking is willing to share the recipe, I’ll post it here. Until then, I need to buy Teh Boy more sugar and half & half.

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One thought on “Ice cream throwdown

  • June 19, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Most awesome. Way for teh boy to show he ain’t skeered!

    All you need for the next throw down is a truly impartial judge.

    Where do I send my app?

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