It’s (Not) Just a Sammich

A while back, we made a sandwich for the whole family. It was simple, it was good, and we all liked it. So we decided to repeat the experiment with goodies from the Memphis Farmers Market and a few different flavors.


We started with a black pepper and cheddar volcano loaf from Big Ono Bake Shop. We love this bread for sandwiches like this. It’s soft and well flavored with just a touch of sweetness. It’s not the bread for peanut butter and jelly, but it’s great for something savory and spicy. It also holds up well. It doesn’t get soggy and fall apart too easily, and it slices smoothly.


>We chose to use a Neola Farms rump roast for our meat. After a good sear, we cooked it to medium and sliced it for the sandwich. A nice layer of provolone cheese and slices a Ly Vu Produce ripe tomato, and we had a sammich.


The kicker this time for flavor was Sriracha mayonnaise. Making it was a very scientific and exacting procedure. A few big spoonfuls of Duke’s mayo, a good squirt of Sriracha, a few twists of black pepper. Taste it to make sure that it’s not too bland and won’t set some people’s heads on fire. Ta da. See, very precise.

But it all worked. Simple, mostly local, and delicious.

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