Karen is no lady

Karen, already looking like an old man, and the beautiful Sam

It seems that we have no choice but to reveal our family’s dark secret. Yes, Karen is no lady. We can no longer pass off the daily crowing as the hijinks of a tomboy. Edible Memphis is about to out Karen in its Winter issue. I figure the least we can do is step up first and admit what we have tried to hide for so long now.

Karen is no lady.

The misunderstanding was an honest one. Initially all the ladies (and Karen) were the cutest little puffballs you ever saw. We were very specific in requesting girls when we placed our order for the ladies (and Karen).

As they grew up, they really all looked the same. Karen was a bit dorky and klutzy, but we thought it was endearing, not a sign of more sinister things. Perhaps we should have seen then, but, as it is for humans, adolescence is not an easy time for chickens. It was a rough time for the ladies (and Karen), so we ignored any signs there might have been.

It wasn’t until the morning that we thought a cat was dying that we just couldn’t overlook the signs any longer. The cat was fine, but that first crow wasn’t pretty. Karen had come out.

The crows really haven’t gotten much better, but Karen is becoming a handsome young man. He always greets us warmly every day when we go out to check on them. He’s always the first to come up when we say, “Hello, ladies! Hello, Karen!”

Karen is no lady.

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One thought on “Karen is no lady

  • January 14, 2008 at 11:13 am

    It’s official, you are raising a midtown chicken. 😉

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