Let us eat cake

So we got to check out Howard Hall, the new home of Memphis Heritage. Each room in this beautiful old home has been decorated by a different local designer for a holiday design showcase. Aside from our kitchen, most of the Squirrels’ Nest is already decorated. Still, it was fun, and sometimes downright interesting, to see what professional designers come up with. Along with food, art and architecture are big loves of mine. I am glad to have Memphis Heritage and the work they do just down the road.

We were happy to support Memphis Heritage, but our ulterior motive was to visit the tea room run by Laura of Bun in the Oven. Hubby John wasn’t there, but Laura was, and she recognized us from the Farmers Market. After we toured the house, it was straight to the cake. We asked for two dozen cookies and one slice each of strawberry cake with coconut frosting and chocolate raspberry cake. As Laura was packing our goodies for us, she gave us flattering news. She and John read our blog. Next she told us that their favorite piece was the one about me going from an XL t-shirt to an XXL t-shirt. Of course I did the only thing that I could possibly do in a situation like that. I asked for the cake to go since we were about to go to Dino’s for all-you-can-eat spaghetti. Well, she had just brought up the fact that I am broadening my horizons so to speak, so I did think I needed to make more of a statement, so I, um, also asked for a really scrumptious looking lemon pound cake too.

Sure enough, we loaded up the car with goodies and headed to Dino’s with Sorta Sister Squirrel. Dino’s has really good spaghetti and the best garlic bread anywhere. What’s even better is the people. We eat there enough to have become regulars, but new or old, they give like they get which is the best you can ask. We need to review them soon. We should have already, but we tend to plan our review trips. Dino’s is such a part of our lives that we just haven’t thought to make a structured trip. We’ll all be looking forward to that one in the near future.

After dinner, we arrived home in a happy garlic cloud. Then it was straight to the kitchen for forks and cake samples. We all liked the chocolate raspberry. Mama Squirrel especially loved the lingering raspberry flavor and rich dark chocolate. It was unanimously declared that the strawberry was the best strawberry cake any of us had ever had. Squirrelly, Jr., was of the opinion that it was the best cake ever, period.

Obviously, man does not live by cake alone. Nope, tomorrow morning we are going to have a nutritious breakfast. Cookies are nutritious, right? Hmm. Maybe pound cake would be better. Mmmm. Pound cake.

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