Living again

The greatest danger from depression is, of course, suicide. Still, even if depression doesn’t kill you, it can take your life. Angela has written about the things we didn’t do or get to do in our little bubble. But even when you’re happy, that bubble isn’t life. That isn’t a large life, a full life. That’s a limited existence with minimal room for growth.

Depression pulls you into that bubble. If it doesn’t pull you into blackness that is. And when you come back up for a breath — please come back up. All you have to do is barely break the surface. Reach out. We love you. We want to pull you out.

When you come back up, you realize just how much life has moved on without you noticing. There are so many examples I could share, but the examples I want to share tell the story and also give me a chance to cheer for a wonderful friend.

That wonderful friend is Kat Kinsman. Dear Mr. Roget does not have enough adjectives for Kat. Though she is the queen of New York, we have had opportunities to wine and dine (and sip hooch from a Sonic cup) with the fair lady. We have, naturally, corresponded with her through all the hip electronic channels. We (yeah, ok, I) have salivated over her on CNN. (She works with Wolf Blitzer! How hot is that!)

Just the other day, I noticed Kat giving fond but sad tribute to her friends at CNN. Having been so out of touch, I scrambled to see what was going on. I was happy to find good news. Kat is leaving her post as managing editor at CNN’s Eatocracy for Tasting Table to become their new editor-in-chief. A loss for CNN, a gain for Tasting Table, and a well deserved opportunity for Kat.

While I have been up to my eyeballs in bleah, the world has continued. I have no idea what else has happened, but I am glad to have a chance to cry (an only slightly belated) huzzah for Kat.

Kat is especially on my mind lately. I was hesitant to invade her privacy until I Googled her. When you type in “Kat Ki” it autocompletes to “Kat Kinsman depression.” I shouldn’t have been surprised, because Kat is an eloquent and outspoken proponent of the treatment and acceptance of mental illness. She has written about mental illness in others and in her own life, in print and on TV. Kat writes beautifully about food, but she also uses her position to tell people it’s okay — okay to be depressed, okay to talk about depression, okay to ask about depression.

Follow Kat on Twitter. And head over Facebook to follow what is sure to be one of the best books of the year, Hi, Anxiety by one Kat Kinsman. That chick rocks. This book is gonna rock.

Follow Kat. Listen to Kat. Listen to us. It’s okay. Reach out for a friend. Reach out for help. The world cares. The world needs you.

And we love you.

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