Local farms and The New Q

The Squad is gearing up for another road trip, this time to Atlanta. On May 5, Heritage Foods USA and Slow Food Atlanta are joining to present The New Q, the first annual barbecue to celebrate local chefs, heritage breeds, and sustainable farms. The event will raise money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Clearly we’re going to jump at the chance to have gourmet barbecue. Even better, we will get a chance to learn more about local farms and their products.

Actually, we have already had a chance to learn more about nearby farms that are raising animals in a sustainable and humane way. For instance, two of the farms participating in The New Q are reasonably close to Memphis.

Just three hours away in Myrtle, Missouri, Newman Farm‘s pigs are certified to be humanely raised and handled. A short drive up to the beautiful Ozark mountains and we can have ribs, tenderloins, or bellies. Mama Squirrel can even have that suckling pig she has been wanting.

Going in the opposite direction, 35 minutes west of Chattanooga, Sequatchie Cove Farm offers beef, lamb, and pork along with eggs from their pastured chickens. You can bring out your biggest bucket and pick your own strawberries and blueberries. There are also native plants from Dancing Fern Nursery. Sequatchie Cove, too, follows sustainable and humane practices.

Sequatchie Cove’s website points out quite an irony. To save most endangered species, you keep specimens in a zoo or protect their natural habitat to give them a chance to recover. Domesticated animals don’t have those options. The only way to save rare breeds is to eat them or their milk or their eggs. Frolicking seals sell zoo tickets. Frolicking keeps seals safe. No one is going to the zoo to see Berkshire pigs or Katahdin lambs. Fortunately small local farms are keeping these breeds around.

Both of these farms offer tours. We just may have another road trip in the making.

Newman Farm
Rt.1 Box 141
Myrtle, MO 63778
(417) 938-4391

Sequatchie Cove Farm
320 Dixon Cove Rd.
Sequatchie, TN 37374
(423) 942-9201

Adult supervision edit: The correct phone number for Newman Farm is (417) 938-4391. You can also contact them at pork[at]newmanfarm.com.

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  • April 10, 2007 at 8:59 am

    Awesome. I’ve been looking for small pork producers. Might have to make the drive to Myrtle. If you do, can you give some notice so we might place an order?

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