Lunch at Interim

Mama and I took a day off so that we could vote and run errands. The polling place was practically deserted. I am far too cynical for that to surprise me. For lunch that day, we headed to Interim, and it wasn’t packed. That surprised me.

Chef Jackson Kramer may not look at it this way, but I think that, at lunch, Interim is the finest diner around.

First of all, there is the daily special. Thursday is a beautiful roasted double chicken breast. There is also the local pond-raised catfish that stars on the lunch menu every day.

There is the best burger and fries in town, Jackson’s Neola burger. With all the excellent choices Interim offers at both lunch and dinner, lately I almost always go for the burger.

This trip, Mama was in a sandwich mood too. She went for the tuna melt. Her description? “Divine.” It was a perfectly cooked tuna fillet. Slices of creamy, yummy avocado make the sandwich.

So if you have only been to Interim for dinner, head over and try the lunch menu. The food is superb and the prices aren’t bad. And if you haven’t been at all, what are you waiting for? Just go.

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