Martha Foose at Davis-Kidd and on WREG

Martha Foose broke my camera.

Mama Squirrel, my mom, J Squirrel, and I headed to Oxford to see Martha Foose signing her new book, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, at Square Books. We took along the camera so that I could take some photos while doing research for an edible Memphis piece.

During a pause in her booksigning, I snapped a picture of Martha. Martha, who is as lovely as she is talented, gave me a sweet smile and a chance to get a good photo. As I banged away on the camera trying to get it to take the shot, Martha gave me a kind and gentle look that was clearly assessing my stupidity.

I finally gave up banging on the camera and started looking at it for little lights that might indicate a problem. The lights showed no problem. Actually, the lights showed nothing. My battery was dead, and my spare was safe at home.

All that is beyond the point though. Martha is the point. Martha, her excellent new book, and her appearance here in town on Thursday, May 22.

Martha will appear on WREG Channel 3’s Live at Nine at, well, um, 9. 9 a.m. that is. Next, she will tape Book Talk on the library’s WYPL.

Finally, Martha will be at Davis-Kidd at 6 p.m. Stop by and meet her. Pick up a copy of the book. You will enjoy reading it as much as you will cooking from it.

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