Memphis farmers markets and CSAs

To our Memphis-bound reader, welcome back. Hopefully this info will answer your question and be useful to others as well.

The Agricenter does have a market Monday through Saturday. There is a Wednesday afternoon market at the Botanic Garden at Audobon Park. It and the Memphis Farmers Market downtown on Saturday are my favorites because they emphasize strictly local products.

Right now, there are only two CSAs, Downing Hill Farm and Whitton. Both cost $25 per week for a full share. So far, we think that price has been more than fair. The difficulty for a budget is that the CSA requires the investment upfront.

My suggestion is that you look for a copy of Edible Memphis magazine as soon as you get a chance. (Hint: Whole Foods/Wild Oats offers free copies.) Edible Memphis has a list of local restaurants that use local products along with info on the local markets. The stories and photography are great as well. And not just the ones by me.

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  • July 7, 2008 at 1:57 pm


    Thanks for the Ohana reminder. We have been meaning to check them out, but they always slip to the foggy recesses of my old brain. for us lazy folk.


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