Memphis organization reaches out to Smithfield workers

If you have seen signs around town reading, “Pass the living wage now!”, then you have seen the work of Rebekah Jordan and the Mid-South Interfaith Network. The Interfaith Network has been leading a successful campaign to bring a liveable wage to more workers in Memphis and the Mid-South.

The Interfaith Network also works to protect worker rights. More than just wages, improved benefits and working conditions are goals as well. Now the Interfaith Network is asking for Memphians to reach out to workers struggling for their rights in North Carolina. The workers at Smithfield Food’s Tar Heel, NC, plant have met with severe resistance and illegal tactics in their attempts to unionize and demand improved working conditions. Sadly, it seems that Smithfield doesn’t care much more for their human resources than they do their animals.

Please visit the Mid-South Interfaith Network and the Justice at Smithfield Campaign to learn what you can do to help. Read the Rolling Stone article on Smithfield. Best of all, send a letter to Smithfield spokesperson Paula Deen and tell her to spend less time with the butter and more time with the milk of human kindness.

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