Mississippi Delta Heritage Project

Bringing culture to the big city

From the website of 651 Arts:

Since its founding in 1988, 651 ARTS has been committed to developing, producing and presenting performing arts and cultural programming grounded in the African Diaspora, with a primary focus on contemporary performing arts. 651 ARTS serves the cultural life of New York City, with a particular focus on Brooklyn, one of America’s most culturally diverse communities.

651 ARTS is dedicating its entire annual season to the culture, artists and influence of the Mississippi Delta in The Mississippi Delta Heritage Project. While the history and impact of the Delta Blues tradition is undisputed, few are aware of the contemporary artistry that continues to thrive in the region. The Mississippi Delta Heritage Project provides a glimpse of this flourishing artistic culture to New York audiences. CASSANDRA WILSON, COREY HARRIS, T-MODEL FORD, JIMMY “DUCK” HOLMES, and LOBI TRAORÉ are among the many outstanding artists, either from or influenced by the Delta, who will be performing as part of this series. Have a look inside, we hope you join us in the celebration!

I wish we were able to go to Brooklyn to experience the Delta in the big city. We’re lucky enough to have it all right in our back yard.

This gives me hope for those poor Yankees. Next thing you know, they’ll have collards and cornbread.

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