Mizuna is my friend on Facebook

Or something like that…

As you may have noticed from our main page, Angela and I are starting to do the whole social network thing.

And, yes, only crotchety old folks like me say “the whole social network thing”.

Admittedly, we are primarily doing it to help spread the word about our blogging and maybe bring in a few more readers. There are some really cool friend fringe benefits too, though.

For one thing, we found out that the Dodsons, the excellent family who sold us the mizuna that went into my recent weed omelet, have their own blog. You should definitely check it out. They have photos, news from the farm, and recipes.

You can find the Dodsons and lots of other great folks on our links page.

And if you’re into “the whole social network thing”, come check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

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