Monkeys, magic meals, and media darlings

Stacey and the Monkeys

I’m trying to live an active life. For a food blogger, that means being in the kitchen creating great meals or out trying new places looking for great meals. Lately though, it’s starting to look like I should spend more time on the couch, because I have been missing some good stuff on the intarwebs.

Recently our fellow Memphis blogger, Stacey Greenberg began leaving really nice comments on our blog. For a while now, we have been checking out her dining blog, Dining with Monkeys, to see what places she and her crew visit. We also check her more-family / less-food blog, Fertile Ground. This blog is named for her parenting zine, Fertile Ground Zine.

Just the other day, I told Mama Squirrel, “Stacey left us another nice comment.”

Mama just said, “hmmm”, and started flipping through a magazine.

“Cool!” Mama had just handed me the latest issue of Memphis Magazine open to the profile of Stacey, the kids, and her blog and zine.

I was really impressed. It’s cool to see someone so nice be recognized for their work. Then somehow I finally came across her other blog, Chop Fayn, in which she chronicles the fantastic meals her husband, Warren, makes. There is prime rib, and grilled turkey, and beautiful sushi rolls. I was starting to get jealous. It got really bad when I noticed a few choice quotes.

Someday I’ll have to dig up and scan pictures of the goat he killed and cooked underground in Cameroon for our Christmas 1995 Feast.

The first time I had falafel was the summer that my friend, Hope, and I went to Israel to work on a Kibbutz.

That did it. I decided the challenge was on. I could point out that the first time I had armadillo was on an island in Guatemala. However, folks would just say, “yes, Papa, but sane people eat falafel.” Still, I was ready to throw down the gauntlet.

Then I noticed one more quote.

I had roller derby practice….

Roller derby is tough stuff. I guess I had better be nice to Stacey, um, Ms. Greenberg. She is nice after all. Plus I’m hoping to get some of those recipes.

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2 thoughts on “Monkeys, magic meals, and media darlings

  • April 10, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    for some reason, i *just* saw this. *blush*

    thank you for the nice words. and don’t worry, i’m only mean on the track. 😉

  • April 10, 2007 at 4:27 pm

    p.s. i love telling people i am a media darling–lol

    p.p.s. do you read the rock n romp blog? i’d love for you to bring squirrely jr. to one of the shows! be sure and introduce yourself.

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