Oh Costco, Why Must You Tempt Me So?

We went to Costco this afternoon. We had every intention of staying inside today and avoiding the cold, but there are some things that you just have to go get when you run out. Ergo, we went.

We’re normally fairly good about just getting what we came for when we go, but we didn’t stick to that today. We justified it because it is our grocery trip for the week, but we were no where near as good as we should have been. There were ramen noodles — we needed those because they’re cheap, easy, and yummy. Apple juice? It’s just that time of year, and apple juice is good for you. Bread? Have you seen a sixteen year old boy put bread away? Cheddar? We would have gotten that anyway. Milk? Everybody needs milk.

Everything was justifiable there. But they had samples. Of smoked salmon. And it was good.

Smoked salmon led to bagels led to cream cheese. It was very logical. It just made sense.

We would have had to buy dog food anyway, and you might not think we would need the set of 5 pairs of kitchen scissors, but we do. We always know we have scissors somewhere, but we never know where they are. It’s a mystery.

And the pea coat I got was cute. And I’ve been good. Mostly.

And so, after our arduous journey into the jaws of Christmas shopping, we were tired tonight. And we have lots of bread. Peanut butter sandwiches all around!!

Tomorrow, we will cook.

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One thought on “Oh Costco, Why Must You Tempt Me So?

  • December 14, 2010 at 3:52 am

    You should learn to call it, “Newman,” with a hint of hesitation and a sneer. 😉

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