Oooo… Butter Cookies!

I picked up Squirrelly, Jr., after school, and he and I headed to do some errands. Mama is stuck at home fighting a cold. Teh Boy and I had to pick up cat and dog food. We also needed milk. Not because of the impending ice storm, but because this article (the hot chocolate bit, not the sushi bit) in the NY Times dining section has Mama craving hot chocolate with a bit of Patron Citronge.

Getting food for the four-legged animals was easy. Their store wasn’t crowded at all, probably because everyone was around the corner at the people store. After a bit of circling around the parking lot, I decided that even if we could get into the store, we would probably never get out. Teh Boy suggested a convenience store. I agreed, and off we went.

We got to the little place near the house, and sure enough, it wasn’t packed. We walked right in, grabbed a gallon of milk, and got in the short line. Recently, a PvP strip mentioned the appearance of a Battlestar Galactica actress in the latest issue of Playboy. I was amused by this because the only issue of Playboy I have bought in the last twenty years was the Charisma Carpenter issue. But I digress.

Our convenience store is a bit bunkered. The guy and the lottery tickets are tucked in behind his green-zone-worthy bulletproof glass. Everything else is out in the store, including the rack of Playboys.

The rack was right next to the line. The covers were discreetly covered, but I was still barely able to distinguish a Battlestar Galactica reference. I turned to keep an eye on the line, while the boy tagged along behind me. Suddenly, I heard the boy say:


Icy fear gripped my heart. Was this it? Was this the beginning of the end of Teh Boy? Was he becoming Teh Little Man?

Slowly I turned.

There was Teh Boy, standing squarely in front of the rack. Then he said:

Butter cookies!

Just to the side of the rack, atop a set of shelves, was a basket of butter cookies. I’m glad to know Teh Boy still has his priorities straight.

For now.

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