Orlando envy

For the most part, I wouldn’t want to live in Orlando — too much traffic, too many tourists. There are some excellent restaurants. Harmoni Artisan Meal Market, which Mama Squirrel and I visited this trip, and Melissa Kelly’s Primo are among many. There are the great hole-in-the-wall places that we love too. Still, we have all that sort of thing in Memphis as well.

It wasn’t until we stopped at Whole Foods for breakfast on our way out of town that I felt a twinge of jealousy.

Yes, we have an excellent Whole Foods here, but in Orlando, they can sell wine. Tennessee alcohol laws are absurd. Fredric Koeppel wrote about that recently. We’ll be talking about it more too.

It was more than just the wine though. Eating locally takes on greater proportions in a tropical paradise. The first thing we saw on the way into the store was the nice selection of citrus trees. If you live in Florida, you too can reach out your dining room window for a lemon Clueless style.

You don’t have to have the agrarian spirit either. The next thing we saw was mangoes. Local mangoes. And the big dispenser of fresh-squeezed and, yes, local orange and grapefruit juice. Next was the variety of local, wild-caught, sustainable seafood.

Still Orlando is a nice to visit, wouldn’t want to live there place. But when we do visit, I think we’ll torment ourselves with another visit to Whole Foods.

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