Our boy is… different

On a recent visit to the Memphis Farmers Market, I was hungry, so I went to get a muffin. Squirrelly, Jr., was hungry too. He had ten bucks of his own money, but I sprung for breakfast. I figured he would want to hang onto his cash for something cool.

So what did Teh Boy think was cool? Video games? MP3 downloads? Candy? No, our boy is… different.

Our boy went to see Tim of The Gracious Garden. Our boy’s mad money went for a batch of zephyr squash and two huge and absolutely beautiful brandywine tomatoes. Our boy loves tomato sandwiches and squash more than candy and fast food.

Our boy is not totally crazy though. On a recent trip to his Nana’s, she made boiled squash and onion. His comment? “It’s just wrong to do that to squash.” That’s my boy.

What is this???
Tiny Tomato Frittata

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