Our most important meal ever

We’ve eaten all kinds of fabulous meals in some fantastic restaurants. We’re proud of some of the fancier meals we have put on here at home. This week, all this week, we have prepared the most important meal we have ever done.

Last week our baby Ursula started acting strangely. She didn’t want to be with us, and she didn’t want to be petted. She paced a lot and hid in the back of the house. We took her to the vet, and our worst fears were confirmed. Ursula had a brain tumor.

Steroids made things better this week. The swelling went down and her pain lessened, but she was still blind. We were able to hold her again. She came back to sleeping in the bed with us. Sadly, we knew her peaceful times would end as soon as the steroids ended. So we knew that our princess needed to be spoiled this week.

She had double Gloucester and aged English farmhouse cheddar. She had her favorite Club crackers. She had a tub of peanut butter cookies from Wild Oats. She had scrumptious pup tarts from Three Dog Bakery. This morning, she had a lovely, big steak from Neola Farms.

Just before Mothers Day is not the best time to lose your baby. I have a feeling that somehow we will incorporate cheese and crackers into our fancy Mothers Day meals from now on. Ursula will always be with us. Especially then.

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