Our Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment

Mutual of Omaha is doing an interesting web project / ad campaign. They call themselves the “proud sponsor of life’s aha moments” and are traveling the country talking to people about their aha moments and making short films from the talks. Eventually the most interesting moments will be made into commercials.

The aha moment web site has this definition:

Aha moments are powerful. More than an idea, or an epiphany, aha moments demand attention and action. Deciding on a new career. Jumping out of an airplane. Launching an international philanthropy, or becoming a fire dancer.

Or writing a book.

The folks doing the films contacted us because they wanted to hear our story. So we headed downtown to babble about ourselves.

I think the finished film turned out well.

We mainly talked about how a meal at Las Tortugas inspired us to write our book, The World in a Skillet. Somehow, though, we managed to never name the restaurant. Sorry Jonathan and Pepe. At least there are pictures of me wearing my snazzy cap.

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