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Below is a partial listing of our published works available online.

Memphis Flyer

Sam’s Bar-B-Q Rebuilds
Memphis Flyer, October 25, 2012
Paul writes about the effort to rebuild Sam’s Bar-B-Que in Humboldt, Tennessee, after a devastating fire.
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Home Run
Memphis Flyer, April 20, 2011
Paul profiles Martha Foose who just published her second book, A Southerly Course.
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Love Story
Memphis Flyer, February 24, 2011
Angela reviews the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s second book, The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–A Love Story.
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Two for Brunch
Memphis Flyer, October 27, 2010
Paul writes about the friendship between local chefs Kelly English and Jonathan Magallanes.
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Me and My Chickens
Memphis Flyer, June 10, 2010
Angela talks about life with chickens.
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Well-Honed: One Sharp Dude takes blade-sharpening on the road.
Memphis Flyer, July 22, 2010
Angela writes about Steve Collins, who is One Sharp Dude.
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The Commercial Appeal

In 2010, Angela (and once Paul) wrote a weekly series of articles about vendors at Memphis-area farmers markets.

Get up early: These Cucina breads sell quickly
The Commercial Appeal, October 27, 2010
Angela writes about Sheri McKelvie and her love affair with dough.
Recipe: Upside-Down Bread Pudding
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Seafood monger offers up a little taste of Paradise
The Commercial Appeal, October 20, 2010
Angela writes about Paradise Seafood and how a man from Millington is bringing the Gulf to Memphis.
Recipe: Panko-Crusted Shrimp and Crab Cakes with Spicy Dipping Sauce
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Farmer gives back to Midtown with healthful options
The Commercial Appeal, October 13, 2010
Angela writes about Lori Green and how Downing Hollow Farm brings a whole community of farmers to Memphis.
Recipe: Caramelized Radish and Goat Cheese Tart
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Cheeseman makes fans with unique offerings
The Commercial Appeal, October 6, 2010
Angela writes about Van Cheeseman and his Flora at Bluebird Farm, a farm born from a love of flowers.
Recipe: Shiitake Mushroom Coddled Eggs
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Groovy Foods founder follows heart
The Commercial Appeal, September 29, 2010
Angela writes about Uele Siebert Groovy Foods owner and overall groovy chick.
Recipe: Groovy Pie
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Community gardens spread knowledge, sense of place
The Commercial Appeal, September 22, 2010
Angela writes about GrowMemphis, a super urban farm cooperative.
Recipe: Spicy Greens Soup
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Microroaster committed to quality, consistency
The Commercial Appeal, September 15, 2010
Angela writes about the dedication and time that goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee at McCarter Coffee Company.
Recipe: Coffee-Rubbed Pork Chops with Pan Sauce
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Fresh pecans all year a full-time job
The Commercial Appeal, September 8, 2010
Angela writes about Delta Pecan Orchard and what it takes to bring high quality pecans to the market.
Recipe: Catfish-Pecan Salad
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Farm gave Asian family refuge, purpose
The Commercial Appeal, September 1, 2010
Angela writes about the Vu family, Hmong refugees with a farm — and a home — in Medon, Tennessee.
Recipe: Black-eyed Pea Salad
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Worm waste key ingredient for soil health
The Commercial Appeal, August 25, 2010
Paul writes about Bill Abresch, his worm farm, and his work with Grow Memphis.
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Farming not just a job, also a cause
The Commercial Appeal, August 18, 2010
Angela writes about Brandon Pugh, Delta Sol Farm, and how farming can be about more than plants.
Recipe: Cucumber-Basil Granita
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Dee Moore’s Italian ice is a hot ticket at farmers markets
The Commercial Appeal, August 11, 2010
Angela writes about Dee Moore and her very popular Mama D’s Italian Ice.
Recipe: Not Quite Italian Ice Popsicles
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At Bonnie Blue Farm, producing goat cheese is ‘equal parts science and art’
The Commercial Appeal, August 4, 2010
Angela writes about Jim and Gayle Tanner, Bonnie Blue Farm, and goat cheese.
Recipe: Goat Cheese Margherita
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Harris Organic Farms was organic before organic was cool
The Commercial Appeal, July 28, 2010
Paul writes about Alvin and Shirley Harris and their organic farm in Millington, Tennessee.
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See Dodsons for sweet potatoes, more
The Commercial Appeal, July 21, 2010
Angela writes about Bonnie and Thomas Dodson and their special way with sweet potatoes.
Recipe: Sweet Potato Grits
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‘Years of practice’ behind picking the right melon
The Commercial Appeal, June 10, 2010
Paul writes about Steve Richardson, his farm, and his talent for growing melons.
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Come celebrate the Tomato at the 27th annual Ripley festival
The Commercial Appeal, June 10, 2010
Angela writes about the Ripley Tomato Festival.
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Ripley farm is true family venture
The Commercial Appeal, June 10, 2010
Angela writes about Robert and Karen Tims and their Ripley, Tennessee, farm.
Recipe: Summer Savory Napoleons
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Newman Farm in Myrtle, Mo., finds growing market for Berkshire pork
The Memphis Commercial Appeal, June 9, 2010
Paul writes about Newman Farm and the extra care they put into raising their pigs.
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Edible Memphis

Sweet and Succulent: Mississippi Freshwater Prawns
Edible Memphis, Summer 2009
Angela visits Lauren Farms prawn farm in the Mississippi Delta to find out how and why Malaysian blue prawns have found their way into the local economy.
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Putting the Old Country Store on the Map
Edible Memphis, Summer 2009
Paul visits the Old Country Store in Jackson, Tennessee, to learn how they are supporting local farmers and local tourism.
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Pie Oh My
Edible Memphis, Spring 2009
Angela reminisces about fried pies and bemoans them as a dying art. In an attempt to return fried pies to our lives, she includes her grandmother Mama Kee’s recipe for chocolate fried pies.
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Tamales: Comforting Contraband
Edible Memphis, Fall 2008
Angela takes a look at how Mexican tamales are finding their way into Memphis kitchens and discusses the significance of tamales in Mexico through the eyes of Antonio, a Mexican immigrant living in Memphis.
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Dredge and Fry: The Joys of the Fish Shack
Edible Memphis, Fall 2008
Paul scours the countryside of three states looking for the best fried catfish and the best places to eat it.
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Highway 51 South
Edible Memphis, Summer 2008
Paul reverses course and heads into Mississippi, once again looking for what’s good to eat.
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Highway 51 North
Edible Memphis, Spring 2008
Starting at Graceland, Paul points his compass north and sets out to get out of the city and see what’s for supper.
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Chickens in the City: The Quest for Fresh Eggs
Edible Memphis, Fall 2007
Angela reminisces about her childhood experiences with chickens and how that led her and Paul to raise urban chickens.
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Archeology and Food
Okra, September 5, 2011
Paul writes about how archaeologists use technology and hard work to identify what and how people ate in the past.
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The CY Community Farmers Market returns with a renewed sense of purpose
Lamplighter, April 2, 2011
Angela writes about the upcoming second season at the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market.
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Neely’s barbecue delights palate
The Daily Helmsman, at some point in the clay tablet era of journalism, perhaps 1989 or 1990
Paul reviews Neely’s Barbecue, calling it one of the three best barbecue places in Memphis.
This blast from the past was found via the Neely’s website.
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