Pearl’s Oyster House

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We recently had an extended family outing downtown on a sunny summer Saturday. The downtown farmer’s market has been absolutely wonderful this year, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with our parents since they don’t go downtown often.

After a market trip where both Nana Squirrel and J Squirrel stocked up on seasonal goodies, we headed to lunch at Pearl’s Oyster House. Papa Squirrel, Sorta Sister Squirrel and I had eaten there earlier and had a very enjoyable meal. Pearl’s was just as great with our larger group.

We tried to sample a little bit of everything. We started out with their crispy fried crawfish tails. At least, I think we started with those; Squirrelly, Jr., devoured them before anyone else at the table got more than one. He says they were the best. J Squirrel opted for the Louisiana crab cakes. They were delicious to say the least. Papa and I, however, divided a half dozen of Pearl’s Louisiana Gulf oysters. As we had noticed on our first visit, these are beautiful oysters. They’re plump, juicy and fresh. At Pearl’s, they don’t shuck them until you order them. Personally, I could make a meal of only those and be perfectly satisfied.

The blackened catfish is spicy (possibly too spicy for some), but delicious. Paired with Pearl’s fresh daily sides, it made for a great meal. The crawfish boil is a feast unto itself. For a very reasonable price, you get a huge platter of boiled and seasoned crawfish, corn, new potatoes and Andouille sausage. The flavors complement each other perfectly. It’s also fun to play “Crawdaddy Puppet Theatre” with SSS. Her ick face is worth the cost of the entree.

For a lighter meal, Pearl’s makes delicious and large Po-Boys that are perfect for sharing. We’ve tried them with both fried oyster and fried shrimp. Crispy nuggets of seafood nestled in dense French bread and slathered with tangy Remoulade, these sandwiches don’t even need the side they come with to fill you up. And in case you can’t decide between oysters or shrimp, Pearl’s offers the Peacemaker, a Po-Boy with half of each.

Pearl’s Key lime pie is tart, cool and creamy. While we haven’t sampled any of their other dessert offerings (yet), they also offer bread pudding with rum sauce, a fudge brownie a la mode and sugar free cheesecake.

Pearl’s is in a great space. The main dining room is open and airy with lovely old brick walls, and there is additional private dining space downstairs. The atmosphere is casual and fun, with friendly and capable servers. Pearl’s Oyster House gives us yet another reason to head downtown for a meal.

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Pearl’s Oyster House
299 S Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 522-9070

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  • July 18, 2007 at 8:07 am

    You have to try the bread pudding on the next trip. Ask them to add a dollop of ice cream and it’s just perfect–they do the lightest of rum sauces-mmmmm!

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