Pigging Out and About for locals

American Table Culinary Tours has announced a new reduced rate for their Pigging Out and About Memphis barbecue tour for folks who live within 100 miles of Memphis. The rate is $275 for three days packed with barbecue eating, barbecue learning, and barbecue fun.

The inclination for some folks from Memphis might be to think, “yeah, but I can go to these places any day.” While that is true for the most part, it misses the point. Like John T. Edge said at a recent reading, folks go to places and come back with stories of great food. What they miss is the stories behind that great food.

I know enough about Memphis barbecue to know that this will be an unforgettable weekend. I also know enough to know that I don’t know nearly enough about Memphis and its barbecue culture and art. We plan on taking full advantage of this weekend.

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